Kitchen ReStyling – Spices & Herbs

This was one home restyling project that has been on my to-do list for some time, restyling my dried spices and herbs. I use many spices and herbs for cooking.  Throughout the years, I have tried various ways to organize them, but found that I was not able to maintain how they were organized.  I also … Continue reading Kitchen ReStyling – Spices & Herbs


Chocolate Banana Bread

I love quick bread recipes and this recipe is one of my favorites.  My husband and I don't like to eat banana's once they become very ripe.  One day, I had several bananas that were too ripe for us to eat.  So, instead of throwing away the bananas, I decided to bake a banana nut bread. … Continue reading Chocolate Banana Bread

Create a ReStyling Plan

If you’ve developed your Signature Style, using my tips and suggestions, the next step to restyling your home is creating a ReStyling Plan using your Signature Style.  A Signature Style is also known as Personal Style.  Whether you call it your signature or personal style, this form of home decorating falls under Eclectic decorating style.  Eclectic … Continue reading Create a ReStyling Plan