How to Develop Your Signature Style in 2-Steps

In my opinion the American interior designer Nate Berkus best defines what a signature style is:  "Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof." --- Nate Berkus I have furnishings in my home that are heirlooms, several different styles of … Continue reading How to Develop Your Signature Style in 2-Steps


2017 Home Decor Trends

The home decorating trend for 2017 continues where 2016 left off.   Let's take a look at what we can look forward to for 2017. Mix Your Metals -Chrome,copper, bronze, and gold  - Mixing metals in home decor was once thought to be faux pas, not any more.   Jewel Tones - Use jewel tones … Continue reading 2017 Home Decor Trends