Kitchen ReStyling – Spices & Herbs

Spices & herbs organization before restyling

This was one home restyling project that has been on my to-do list for some time, restyling my dried spices and herbs.

I use many spices and herbs for cooking.  Throughout the years, I have tried various ways to organize them, but found that I was not able to maintain how they were organized.  I also had several challenges to deal with.

For example, I prepare food on the kitchen island and the spices and herbs were kept in the pantry.  I continually wasted too much time and effort walking from the pantry to the kitchen island with several spices or herbs in-hand, only to repeat the process when I needed additional spices or herbs.


I would buy a spice or herb only to find out later that I had overlooked them and now I had duplicate ones!

It was time to restyle my spices and herbs to fit my lifestyle.  This new restyling had to meet three requirements – ease of use, simple maintenance, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Ease of use and simple maintenance

To begin the process, I researched different ways to organize and store spices and herbs.  I decided to store the spices and herbs in the kitchen island drawer.  This option would keep them close to the area where I prep food.

Spice containers

Spice Jars

Next, I researched for the type of container to use.  I decided to use the Kamenstein™ spice jar.  This jar includes the capability to dispense the spices and herbs by shaking or measuring them.  I found these at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Using these spice jars, I will be able to see when they need to be refilled, cleaning will be a simple process, and the jars can be reused.





Next, I gathered all my dried spices and herbs together.  Sorted through them identifying the spices to keep, remove and convert to the new spice jars.

Collect spices and herb containers

The final step for ease of use and maintenance, was keeping the spice jars in place and organized.  I found a product called, Youcopia™ SpiceLiner to keep the jars in place.  I also purchased this item from Bed Bath & Beyond.  The SpiceLiner is not custom-made for my drawer.  The depth of my drawer is 1/2 inches longer than the SpiceLiner strips.  I experienced the spice jars sliding sometimes to the top of the drawer when opening and closing the drawer, when I didn’t have spice jars to fit from top to bottom in the drawer.  One of the shelf liner foam strips was place inside the drawer at the top to act as a barrier, to keep the spice jars from sliding too much.  This is not a concern because the spice jars are not in open view.

The SpiceLiner is so simple to clean.  Just remove the liners and clean when needed.

Space drawer liners

After purchasing the SpiceLiner and spice jars I was ready to assemble my spice drawer.  I lined the drawer with a shelf liner.  The shelf liner was purchased from a local Dollar store.  I placed the SpiceLiner in the drawer and then placed the spice containers in the drawer.

Assembling spice drawer

Aesthetically Pleasing

Below is a picture of my first attempt in assembling my new spice drawer.  I love the look!  I used a combination of new spice jars and original spice containers.  Instead of using the entire drawer for spices and herbs, I decided to use some of the drawer space for storing additional items, like kitchen shears, measuring cups (dry goods), and measuring spoons.   Having my measuring spoons in this drawer keeps them at my fingertips when I need to measure my spices and herbs. It’s so convenient to have  them here for use when cooking or baking.

Spices & Herbs in drawer – initial organization

the final steps

The final steps in restyling my spices and herbs, was to convert all to clear spice jars, make all labels the same style, and organize the spices and herbs in alphabetical order.

Spice Jars with new labels

Converting to clear spice jars

I saved some money in this area.  I started with 12 new spice jars, but realized that some brands of spices and herbs are in clear bottles when you purchased them.  Before purchasing any new spice jars, I reused these bottles.  I didn’t need to purchase any more.  The labels on these bottles were also very easy to remove and replaced with my own labels.

spice jar labels

Initially, I created labels for the new spice jars, but the spice jar containers had different labels.  I wanted all my spice jar labels to have the same style.  When the labels are the same style,  your eyes are immediately drawn to the spice name on the label.  I spent so much time and effort searching for the name of the spice and herb, when the labels had a lot of written information on the labels.

Thanks to Lia Griffith, I found the perfect labels for my spice jars.  Liagriffith farmhouse herb and spice jar labels.  My labels were printed on a water-resistant label paper.  I used an AVERY brand of label paper.

 organization by spice & herb

The spices stored in the drawer, I use on a regular basis.  They are in alphabetical order except for the last two columns of spices.  These are my staple spices (salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder, turmeric), the ones I use most often.

Spices & Herbs restyled


The new restyle met all of my requirements.  Let’s take a final look at the before and after pictures.


Products used for this project

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