2016 Home Decorating Trends (Part I)

In 2015, the home decorating trend was retro and nostalgic.  For 2016, this home decorating trend continues.

  • Animal prints & faux fur – Are continuing in a big way.  They will appear on pillows, throws, rugs, and even on furniture. .
  • Geometric and Ethnic designs – walls, lights, fabrics, furniture, and more…
  • Florals & Botanical – fabrics, prints, art, and rugs
  • Accent flowers, plants, and terrariums
  • The Metals – Gold, Metallic, and Copper
  • Organic – hand-crafts, needlework like knitting and weaving, natural fabric rugs and natural wood.
  • Artisan accent pieces – pick-up and display your  unique art pieces.
  • Walls – wallpaper, stenciling, art deco continues to make a comeback.  Use wallpaper or texture wall coverings to accent a wall.



Ethnic Designs & Fabrics 

Metallic Metals


More Metals – Copper & Natural Wood


Animal prints


Don’t miss part 2 – Color Trends for 2016!





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