Managing and Organizing Home Decorating Projects

Interior decorating binder cover page ver 3In my search for ideas to use in my interior decorating projects, I find multiple ideas, however, I only use a small number of the ideas when decorating my home.

A must have resource for decorating is an interior decorating binder.  I use this type of binder to manage my projects and to stay organized.

When you use an interior decorating binder, no longer will you misplace samples, ideas, and information for your decorating projects.  You will know the status of each project – which projects have been started and completed.

Below are some suggestions, ideas, and tips for creating and using an interior decorating binder.

Creating an Interior decorating binder – It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive.  Use a binder, the 3-ring type – one that you can add and remove pages.

Tip: Use an old binder you at home that you are no longer using.  I covered a binder with some left over home decorating fabric.  Take a look at the post I published for covering a binder.  Binder post

Organization of Binder – My binder is organized by rooms and areas of my home, i.e., great room, kitchen, bedrooms, garage.

Tip: There is no “right” or “wrong” way to set-up and organize an interior decorating binder.  Organize your binder to so it works for you.

Binder Contents – Use plastic protective sleeves for pages, pictures of rooms and decor items, note paper – for taking notes, home measurements, fabric and paint swatches, and index tabs to organize your binder contents.  All information related to current design projects for each room and area should be stored in the binder.

Index tab dividers

Index tab dividers

Tips: I use my binder to store current pictures of my rooms.  I also store pictures of rooms and accessories I find on the Internet and from magazines, for each decorating project.  I place these in the plastic protective sleeves, so I can easily remove them and take them with me when shopping for decor items.  I store these pictures under the appropriate room divider in my binder.

To help me manage my projects, I create a list of to-do tasks and projects for each room and area I’m decorating.  As I complete the tasks I update my list.

I find storing measurements for the room and windows in the binder, is a great time saver.  For example, when searching for curtains, I don’t have to stop and measure the window, I just reference my binder.

Shopping –  How many times have you purchased a decor item, thinking it was the correct color or shade, only to find that it isn’t and you have to return it.

Take everything you need with you.  Take your measurements, pictures of rooms, color schemes, fabric swatches to the store in order to save time and to assist in the selection of the correct colors and accessories for your decorating project.

Tips:  When I’m working on redecorating a room, I take with me what I need when shopping for decor items to complete my project – pictures, fabric and paint swatches. This one tips saves me a lot time and effort when selecting the decor items that will work in my room.  I compare them to the decor items I’m considering to purchase.  This helps me to eliminate decor items that don’t work in the room.

Do you use an interior decorating binder to keep your projects managed and organized?  

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