Quick Tip – How To Peel Garlic

My husband and I love….garlic.  We use garlic in cooking and on salads.  Garlic is great, except for peeling it.

“I don’t like to peel garlic.”

I tried peeling garlic using the blade of a knife.  That method did not work for me.

When we had a microwave, I nuked the cloves for a few seconds.  That worked okay, but we no longer have a microwave.


I returned to peeling each clove separately.  Well, sometimes our food would get fresh garlic and sometimes not.

One day…..

I took a cooking class and the chefs taught us how to peel garlic. Using this method I learned how to peel multiple cloves in a very small amount of time, with little effort.

 How to peel garlic

  1. Get 2 bowls that are the same size or very similar in size.
  2. Remove the number of cloves you want to peel from a bulb of garlic.
  3. Place the garlic cloves in one of the bowls.
  4. Place the second bowl on top of the first bowl to cover it.  In the picture above, the openings of each bowl are facing one another.
  5. Hold the two bowls together on the sides.  Now, shake…shake…shake…the garlic (up and down) until the skins are removed from the garlic cloves.
  6. This process will take about 10 seconds to complete.  I used 9 cloves.
  7. Check your garlic cloves.  If any skins still remain on the garlic continuing shaking until they are removed.

 Here is the final result…..


What are some other tips you use that saves time and effort in the kitchen?



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