2015 Home Decor Trends – Style & Accessories (part II)

2015 Home Decor Trends – Retro and Nostalgic

In part I of 2015 Home Decor Trends we looked at color.  Part II is about design style and accessories.

Are you thinking about updating your interior home decor?   Some of these trends or similar decor colors and accessories may currently exist in your home.  For example, animal prints and faux furs will be a trend this year.  I love faux furs!  See my faux fur throw in the picture below.

Learn what your design style is, the colors you love, and what accessories represent your style.  Use home decor trends as inspiration – have fun!


Faux Fur Throw

 Interior Design Style

The design style is transitional – a mixture of traditional and contemporary, with some 1960’s design style added in the mix.



  • Animal prints & faux fur – Cowhide is going to be popular this year.
  • Geometric design walls, lights, fabrics, furniture, and more…
  • Walls – wallpaper is making a comeback.  Use wallpaper or texture wall coverings to accent a wall.
  • Gallery walls will still be a staple.









   Home decor pictures & accessories courtesy of Houzz.com

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